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"The personalized program at Inner Strength is built on the foundations of not just good workouts, but good nutrition and overall health as well. It has worked for me, and I would recommend to anyone looking for a sustainable plan to reach their health goals."

Jess B.

I started training with Ryan after I took one of his bootcamp classes. I was prepping for a fitness competition and needed a trainer that would challenge and help me reach my goals week after week. Not only did Ryan push my limits, he made sure I stayed focused and he constantly motivated me. He would ask me ahead of time what I would like to focus on during our sessions, then create a workout that would incorporate exercises that I haven't tried before. He truly cares about his clients' progress and success. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to be challenged and increase the intensity of their workouts, as his passion for fitness is incredibly inspiring.

Melissa F.

About 18 months ago, I had an accident and as a result I severed a tendon in my ankle.  Between the accident, the surgery, the rehab and the recovery, I was unable to exercise for about 9 months. As a result, I gained about 40 pounds and was completely out of shape. Beginning in January of 2014 I tried on my own, with little success, to manage a diet and exercise program. After a couple of months of little or no progress, I signed up with Ryan  for personal training sessions. Since working with Ryan, I have lost a little more than 16 pounds and I am in much better condition. He helps keep me focused on my short and long term goals regarding exercise and diet. In addition, he is always encouraging and supportive even when I am too tired and cranky to work out!

Denise B.

"When Ryan and I started working together I had not exercised for about 8 months due to personal reasons. It was a slow process in the beginning but with Ryan’s guidance and expertise I got my strength and coordination back. Ryan always mixes up my workout and most times when I think I just cannot do another rep, Ryan encourages me to push forward for the optimum workout.  If during a session, I feel that I cannot perform an exercise or do not feel comfortable doing an exercise, Ryan understands and immediately comes up with an alternate exercise. He is able to think on his feet and keep the session interesting. Ryan has also taught me to focus on the particular exercise that  I am performing and concentrate on form to properly perform the exercise. We also discuss nutrition and eating plans which have also helped me to lose weight and to tone my body. Ryan’s dedication to helping me achieve my goals inspires my commitment to continue to live a healthy lifestyle."

Donamarie R.

“I have been working out with Ryan twice a week for  the last two months. Each workout has been unique, hard and fun. We initially focused on flexibility and toning and have now moved onto helping me gain strength. Ryan is a great instructor and I highly recommend him.”​

Andrew R.

“I started training back in February. On day 1 could barely do one pushup and didn’t even know what a burpee was. I have now mastered the pushup, and while I truly dislike burpees, at least I can do them. Ryan pushes each and every one of us to do our best. I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning and thought that after one 5 week session I probably wouldn’t renew because I thought the process would be tedious. However, every session is different and each one pushes you to your limits. If I didn’t have boot camp I would never push myself to work out this way. I have not only become stronger but I have become more flexible and just all around feel healthier.”

Joanna C.

"Since starting with Ryan, I've lost a total of 17 pounds, and it's only been a month! Ryan pushes you to the next level even if you don't think you have it in you. Everyone should join this program, Ryan is the best trainer and he can do wonders!

Samrat S.

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